Omo Child Ethiopia’s mission is to provide a safe, nurturing home and quality education for rescued Mingi children living in the remote Omo Valley region of Southwest Ethiopia. Mingi is the ritualistic killing of infants and children believed to be cursed by their tribes. Our hope is that these children will become future leaders in their tribes and communities. 

We hope that through our work, we raise awareness about the practice of Mingi and see to its elimination in all 3 tribes of the Omo Valley; Kara, Bena, and Hamer by the year 2030.


We Are

Lale Labuko
Founder Lale Labuko, age 30, is the heart behind OMO CHILD. Lale was born into the Kara tribe in Ethiopia’s OMO Valley and was one of the first of his tribe to receive a formal education. This exposure to the bigger world led Lale to realize the devastation of Mingi and the critical importance of ending this outdated tribal practice.

In fact, Lale later learned he had two older sisters, both deemed Mingi, who were killed before he ever knew them. Outlawing – and stopping – Mingi has become Lale’s life mission. Through OMO Child, he is working hard to make sure his generation of tribal members brings an end to Mingi forever.

Omo Child Ethiopia
We are currently a non-sectarian, humanitarian organization who is partnering with Bring Love In for financial accountability and tax deduction status in the US.


How You
Can Help

OMO Child provides a safe, loving home in Jinka & a quality education for our special children rescued from the OMO Valley tribes. We are creating Southwest Ethiopia’s future leaders. Our hope is that this new generation of educated tribal members will join Lale Labuko in helping to end the practice of Mingi.

Here are some important ways you can help OMO Child create bright futures for our beautiful OMO Children:

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Please Note: If you are sending a check, please make it out to Bring Love In and put “Omo Child Ethiopia” in the memo line.  

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We would love to hear from you. Email us at info@omochildethiopia.org, or connect with us over social media.

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