Our Mission





We hope that through our work, we raise awareness about the practice of Mingi and see to its elimination in all 3 tribes of the Omo Valley; Kara, Bena, and Hamer by the year 2030.

Kara Tribe Ends Mingi
Lale Labuko was invited to attend the official Kara tribal ceremony in Dus village (deep in the Omo Valley), ending the practice of Mingi on July 14, 2012. There, Lale spoke with people in the tribes who have been directly affected by Mingi. They heard many heart-wrenching stories and saw first-hand the joy and relief that ending Mingi brought to the people of the Kara tribe.

This was indeed confirmation that the Kara tribal culture had changed and finally ended the long tradition of infanticide. Omo Hope was also honored by the Ethiopian Government with a special certificate for its work with the Kara tribe, and helping to end the practice of Mingi.